June 29, 2019

Joining the Board – Bloomsbury Series in Religion, Gender and Sexuality

I am honored to join the Board of the Bloomsbury Series in Religion, Gender, and Sexuality, currently edited by Dawn Llewellyn, Sian Hawthorne, and Sonya Sharma. This international and interdisciplinary series has been commissioned, recently, to offer a creative and generative space for scholars to examine the intersections of religion, gender, and sexuality. The series also emphasizes the ways race, class, ability, and other individual, cultural, and structural factors and experiences relate to  religion, spirituality, identities, and practices, from theoretical and data-led research approaches.

This interdisciplinary series is a creative space for the exploration and advancement of the study of religions, genders, and sexualities. It promotes the dynamic connections to be found between gender and sexuality across a diverse range of religious and spiritual lives, cultures, histories, and geographical locations, as well as contemporary discourses around secularism and non-religion. The series publishes cutting-edge research that addresses the impact of religious experiences, communities, institutions, and discourses in global and transnational contexts, examining the fluid and intersecting features of identity and social positioning.