January 31, 2020

“Evading Masculinized Modernity” – A review essay

The University of Notre Dame featured a symposium on Faith in Flux, by Devaka Premawardhana on its blog, “Contending Modernities.” Premawardhana “examines practices of conversion among the Makhuwa of northern Mozambique. The Makhuwa, he argues, are an existentially mobile people who have no trouble converting from their indigenous traditions to Pentecostalism, and converting from Pentecostalism back to their indigenous traditions.”

Asked to reflect on his book in light of my own, An Intimate Rebuke, my response “pushes Premawardhana to think more about the gendered dynamics of Makhuwa life as well as the gendered nature of the conceptual apparatus he employs to theorize Makhuwa practices” (Joshua Lupo, Editor).

To read the blog and my essay: